13TH Disciple-Artist Bio

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Over the past few years, MC and vocalist XIIITH DISCIPLE (ne Derrick C. Gillis Jr.) has made waves with his “Message/Ministry/Music”, causing his audiences to say “I See”. 

With his background in theatre, his songs have an emotional immediacy that he hopes will “paint a picture so vivid you can see yourself in the words as if you were watching a movie.”  With his stage presence and God-given gift for music, it’s not a far-fetched notion that XIIITH DISCIPLE (born Derrick C. Gillis Jr.) would trade a promising career in sports for the Gospel and a microphone. 

An appearance on BET’s rap battle contest King of the Ring, XIIIth completed a three-song EP with super-producer Derrick Dixon.  DJ I Rock Jesus, who has worked with artists like Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams, placed two of his songs on his compilation Live Mix Show Mixtape Series Volume 2.  Speaking of his collaborator, DJ I Rock Jesus said “XIIIth Disciple is…definitely bringing Straight Ministry Heat to this project!” 

XIIIth Disciple latest project is working with his friend Demetrius.  Author of the comic book series The 13th Disciple, Demetrius Veasy says, “XIIIth Disciple compliments the book; it was a perfect fit”.  The comic book series is about the character Micah Marvel Johnston who finds himself correcting the wrongs brought about by his own mentor.

Big blessings are on the horizon for XIIIth Disciple as he continues his journey of success!   

XIIIth Disciple is available for speaking engagements and performances.