By Any Means



 As the pen hit the paper, I could see the veil rip! The craft of 13th, that’s Penman-Ship!

God sent His son to save, so we could all use the Gift. To be absent from the body

is to be present in the spirit. As you receive me, He you receiveth!! Matthew 10:40,

read what I speaketh. To Each His Own! The reward for those that believeth is the throne!

His teachings is known! To the cross & followed Christ, so when I leave earth, I’m home!

Fear Not! A pack, strap, trap or a zone! Kick in the door & let’em know what I’m on!

Exude the power of God in every single song. & every scene I’m on, let His light be shown!

Lord Order My Steps!…Like the flight of a plane that’s flown,

I know I’m in good hands no matter where I’m going!

Whether its 10’@night or 10’ in the mornin’.


 I escape from the bars of life,Stars & stripes,Scars from fights,Dark as Harlem Nights.

As a youth, future looked far & bright, Now the truth is the future might be hard to fight.

I know it seems even but the odds ain’t right. Dear Farther God tonight….

Help Me!, I’m a soldier who’s heart is right. But my flesh closes the blind on your spark of light.

They tell me you’ll finish, if I start the fight.. But I just can’t seem to hit the target right.

Can’t believe I’m going thru this! Stuck in this space like the cube on a rubic’s.

Guess this is earnin stripes….Crucifix. Since I received the Life…..Fights Fixed.

& Lord! Your Love in my life……Priceless!!


They say I’m on the road to riches,  But I’d give it all up to keep souls out ditches!

That’s the goal & the vision! Not trying to have gold & be going to prison.

Rather wear my crown of jewels on streets of gold in heaven.

So I’m grindin’ for six, & restin’ on seven. Stackin bread with no leaven.

13th Discipe!! Some may call me the reverend!

After this verse you can call me Excedrin!!

Put the truth to your head use the word as my weapon!

Walkin’ by faith, so what you see u may not be getting!

I’m a threat to society cause of my passion for Christ!

& I aint neva seen a dark place that didn’t need light!

Siamese Twin Line: Make u think twice!

Like, where would I be without 39 stripes?

Would I even be livin? Or just livin’ a Canaanite-Life!?

Nowadays; Its Cain & Able, Ovah a Chain w/ light ice!

People selling anything; long as it’s fo the right price!

Like a pie with one sweet-spot!…Hope u got the right slice!

Otherwise!! U like Ike, with no Tina Turner;

So I’m trying to turnyuh from the flames that burnyuh,..Eternally!

Even the vermin hopin the heat cease; but it wont!!

Now your only homies; is fire & brimstone!

Casting a visual with words in a song; Now my final question is :

If Christ ain’t right can u afford to be wrong?!?