Lions.12 Lyrics


           Heart of a Lion by Demetrius– Song

  • Chorus: this I pray for every day. The heart of a lion… lion. And through my trials I’ll try to gain. The heart of a lion…lion. From My faith I will obtain. The hearts of a lion… lion. With this I will never be the same. The heart of a lion… lion.
  • Verse one: in this concrete jungle that’s called the streets. It’s hard for me to go and move my feet. To preach to the people like my master did. Like Paul when he wrote the Corinthians. Amen, cuz of men, this cub has gone astray. Through my cloudy life, I pray for clearer days. And I say, Lord please help me make a change. Give me your strength, let me touch your main.  So you can heal my pain and I won’t bleed again. Like the woman in the bible who was unnamed. Who touched your cloak, from 12 years was changed. I want her courage to be unashamed. Of your name, jehovah jiireh, jehovah nissi, the great I am, the almighty. Give me your strength who stands on Zion. Give me your heart the heart of a  lion.
  • Verse two: from my jagged teeth,  tearing through, dirt and Soil, only God knows how, how hard I’ve toiled. To get on my feet and stand with my hands. Cuz this wounded cub been oppressed  by the land. Add this cub who’s a man wants to be a Lion. But it’s hard to do this when you’ve done all you can. To beat off the cats who always attack. Who go for your throat, and go for your back. With temptation for the flesh, temptation for the eyes, temptation for the ears, their jaws full of lies. Add every time they bite my spirits man cries. And every time they bite a piece of me dies. Add I say, oh why oh why, like when Peter did  lie. When they asked who is your master he gave wrong replies. Father give me the strength to sever  worldly ties. So one day I won’t be tempted to denie you 3 times.